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Item information:

Waiting (The drops seem to be casually waiting for....a towel...sponge...

High speed photo of water droplets on a sheet, activated by sound.)
Symmetry (I like the symmetry on this shot.

High speed photo of colored water droplets on a sheet, activated by sound. I think the light balance came out quite well in this shot.

The sheet was rigged as a seamless background and placed over a speaker which had a balloon stretched over it. A laptop was connected to the speaker and produced the sound (actually, a part of a song). 
A stop shot trigger was used to pick up the sound and activate the flashes.
3 - SB-800 flashes were used, one left, one right and one in the rear.)
High_wall (The wall between the drops looks pretty cool!

Setup / Strobist;
- Stretched a white balloon over a small speaker.
- Put a few drops of colored water on the balloon.
- Played a brief sound through the speaker using an Ipod through a stereo.
- Flashes triggered using Quaketronics sound trigger.
- Two SB-800 were used; One fired at 3 o’clock directly at splashes, the other was reflected off a white foamboard piece behind the splashes. 
- Some processing done in Picasa for light levels, saturation and cropping.)
Glass_house (Splashes who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones!

Setup / Strobist;
- Stretched a white balloon over a speaker.
- A blue colored water drop was placed on the surface.
- Sound was played through an Ipod connected to a stereo which drove the speaker.
- A quaketronics sound trigger was used to trigger the flash.
- One SB-800 flashes was used, bounced off an orange foamboard sheet behind the splash.
- Minor touch up in Picasa)

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